Business Training

Business training can take many forms. It can be anything from soft skills through to particular training in a specific area of the business for new middle or senior management.

We can be working with individuals to help them gain a more senior or lucrative position. Or we could be working with the business to improve or develop particular members within the team to step up in one way or another.

Be it sales, customer service, administrative support or helping the new owner or CEO grow in their role, our business training is tailored to the specific needs of you and or your team.

Due to many years in the coaching and advisory service professional services – if we don’t do it, we are sure we can refer a tried and proven professional for any of your training needs.

Personal Development

As the title suggests this training is all about your personal development.

The sooner you know who you are and what you stand the sooner more of the right people for you, will recognise you.

Personal development should be a lifelong journey and it does not have to be painful.

If we don’t grow we stagnate, but growth for the sheer fact of growth is like going on a journey to nowhere.

The role of the coach is to be YOUR guide on YOUR journey.

Whilst my approach is from my personal perspective and learnings, I am guided by people like Bob Proctor, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn and Dr John Demartini