Sales and Marketing

Our team have been involved in almost all areas of the market place and many products and services within the various segments.

Broadly, this covers industries ranging from Grocery and Confectionery through to service industries and finance, through Multi Level Marketing, Government, construction, B2B and B2C. Examples are :

Armor All, WD 40, Alcan Aluminium, Artline Marking Pens, Pampas Puff Pastries, Barilla Pastas and Spaghetti to name but a few…

We can work with you as an external consultant or contracted part of your management and advisory team – anywhere from Explaining Showing and Teaching through to doing it for you . Find out More.

Many businesses believe that market research is too costly so in many cases they go into new ventures or market places almost blind.
We believe that market research is a must to improve your chances of maximising opportunities and limiting your risks. However, that does not mean that it has to cost 100’s of thousands of dollars, or even 10’s of thousands!!
Over the years, with our experience, we have been able to get good reliable information that has served the purpose well for $3,000 – $10,000 – and this has offered exceptional value for money in a marketing strategy.
Please ask us before you jump into the dark without a safety net!!

Every one of our team has experience in project management. This experience covers a very broad range of areas in the market place, from sales, marketing, product launches and procurement through to administrative and IT projects.
We can assist as advisors or we can position one, or some, of our team members in your organisation to get a project up and running, from the inside out.