Intellectual Property

Patenting an idea is not a straightforward matter. Neither is the marketing of an invention. Procedures must be followed precisely to achieve the desired goal while protecting the inventor during the process.

For an invention be successful on its own merit an arrangement must be negotiated, and it is here that many inventors stumble. Simply put, certain knowledge and experience is necessary in setting up a venture within which there can be such important matters as licensing agreements, sale of patents, production & distribution agreements etc. In all of these areas ETSI PATENTS can and will help.

ETSI Patents specialises in the marketing and commercialisation of inventions. Our continued success is attributed to our wide experience over many years and different fields. Indeed, some of us have been heavily involved with patents and their promotion for decades.

Over time we have formed very close associations with various industries and highly qualified and experienced practitioners. This enables us to bring to you a simple answer to a complex situation – a “ONE STOP PATENT SHOP”. you might say. It is here that you can address any problems you may have in the complicated area of patents and other intellectual property and receive an immediate response.

Rest assured nobody outside of our organisation will have any access to your invention until it is registered; we follow strict confidentiality procedures and always sign a non-disclosure agreement.

ETSI PATENTS covers the following areas of expertise:





Selling a patent outright obviously is a desired outcome, particularly if it can be sold several times over in designated areas of the world. Extracting profits from your invention removes the uncertainties of operations under licensing agreements. The inventor in this case would assign all rights and interests in their patent. One must realise that a patent generally has a limited life. It is only good until there are enhancements to technology or a better solution or concept is found. And that is yet another reason not to procrastinate.

Get moving with your patent. Step carefully.

Quite often venture capital is sought by inventors and this always brings the invention under extremely harsh scrutiny. Should the article withstand searching examination and meet all criteria, funds may be made readily available for selective innovations such as IT, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment or other utilities that rewards the investor with very large returns. Profits, particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals, can be enormous – 2000% plus.

Funding may start at a minimum of $AUD 1,000,000 and rise to virtually unlimited levels, but this type of capital is only available for fully developed concepts. PATENT SOLUTIONS is able to source venture capital and monitor the terms and conditions of any such arrangement.

Licensing agreements are usually negotiated when the development of an innovation is incomplete. Research and development costs can be prohibitive and the funding of the project then becomes the responsibility of the licensee.

This, in turn, involves the total commitment of the manufacturer to produce the item in significant quantities. The marketing and distribution of the product must be firmly in place and carried out by competent organisations.

Some of the major benefits derived under a License can include breaking up the world market for your product. This would include PATENT SOLUTIONS attempting to negotiate a suitable License with an interested party within the regions, which they may operate, and for a specific period. Should this party fail to actively promote your innovation effectively this provides inventors the option to renegotiate terms and offer the rights to another party.

The inventor will be made fully aware of the dangers, which could evolve with licensing, and PATENT SOLUTIONS will put in place an inviolable safety net. Full accountancy is generally sought in terms of the number of units made and sold to ensure inventors are adequately compensated as far as Royalty payments are concerned.

Yet again, we will ensure that security measures are applied in any licensing agreement, which will demand absolute compliance from the partner/s.

Some inventors may wish to be closely aligned with the development of their innovation. They may also have the necessary funding behind them to actively promote their invention but they may lack one key factor – a suitable and reliable supply or source of manufacturer for their product. ETSI PATENTs has developed relationships with quality manufacturers both locally and overseas and can directly assist in this process.

Along the way other aspects must be considered and dealt with. These include Patent Searches, Market Research (to identify the right combination of people who could be very interested in your product), the checking and presenting of prototypes and, above all, rigorously implementing safeguards to prevent misuse of an invention.

Patent Searches

Carrying out a patent search is the very first step to consider in processing your invention, and will save you time and money. Before a patent can be granted, or before a registered design can be certified, your invention must be found to be novel, and it must be new. Your application may be denied if someone else has had the same idea and submitted an application before you.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that thousands of applications have been declined because the inventor was slow to act, and also because the invention was not dealt with in the correct procedural manner.

You must take immediate action with your invention. In other words, it is in your best interests to contact ETSI PATENTs without delay, so we can arrange to have a search completed through our associate.


If feasible, a prototype, machinery perhaps, should be made available for inspection if possible. Sometimes financial constraints dominate the ability to carry out to the fullest extent research and development, or capital to manufacture a viable prototype. Whatever the situation we can arrange to have a working prototype made for inventors, which will arouse interest, particularly if it is novel, and it is vital for demonstration purposes. Nothing can substitute a visual working model.

Market Research

Market research is essential, more so if it is your intention to register an International Application under the Patent Co-Operation Treaty (“PCT”) which could be quite costly. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to obtain a reflection from the marketplace. It would be prudent for you to arrange exploratory research in your home market before contemplating international registration. Naturally, we would see to it that you were protected by provisional application before embarking on any market research.